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About Caribbea Bay Resort

Just because Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in the middle of Southern Africa doesn’t mean it lacks a coastline.

Lake Kariba is the largest man-made lake on the African continent after Egypt’s Aswan Dam and Cahora Bassa in Mozambique. Bordered by Zimbabwe and Zambia, and fed by the mighty Zambezi River, Lake Kariba not only generates impressive amounts of electricity but Kariba town, near the massive dam wall, has become a tourist resort in its own right.

A short drive from the town, on the shore of the lake, is a sight more in keeping with the blue waters of the Mediterranean than the heart of Southern Africa. African Sun’s Caribbean Bay Resort, with its unashamedly Sardinian-style architecture and feel, great climate all year round and a host of water sports on hand, is a favorite playground for Zimbabweans, as well as visitors to the country.

Deliberately fashioned with a Mediterranean coast ambiance, Caribbean Bay Resort is an ideal base from which to explore this unique part of Zimbabwe or just enjoy a sun-filled holiday in relaxed comfort. Sundowners on the pool deck, followed by an informal dinner in the Terrace Restaurant, then playing the tables at the intimate casino into the small hours, is only one of the leisure and lifestyle experiences awaiting guests.

They also get to know about the surroundings from highly-trained and friendly staff. The mysteries of the Nyaminyami, the Zambezi River god, and his ‘influence’ over the locals are some of the tales enjoyed by guests over a late-night drink.

This well-appointed resort with its 83 rooms, seven of which are suites, has so much to offer. Tours to the nearby Kariba Village are a big attraction with guests who wish to get to know the history and traditions of the local Tonga people.

Another is the crocodile farm where these dangerous creatures can be viewed up close and personal! The massive dam wall itself, with its observation platform, gives visitors a vivid idea of the pressure exerted by Kariba’s vast expanse of captive water on an equally breathtaking man-made structure.

Water sports, from canoeing to the fast and invigorating water skiing, are firm favorites, while within the resort itself regular water polo matches are played, with guests welcome additions to local teams.

For those interested in game viewing, Caribbean Bay staff will arrange professionally guided tours into the Mutusadona Game Reserve. Experienced rangers know where to find a large variety of game including zebra, elephant and the not–so–cute hyena. This is when the camera buffs come into their own getting spectacular shots of Africa’s wildlife.

Whatever the choice of activity, what better than a sunset cruise on Lake Kariba to round off the day. While cruising and enjoying long, cold drinks, join in the banter of the other guests as they describe their days. Sunsets on Lake Kariba are legendary, with the famous, but very brief, green flash before the sun finally disappears, a sight always to be remembered.

Caribbean Bay evenings are always special. Its lively well-stocked bars, the Casita and the Jacana, are ideal spots to make new friends.

After dinner, the resort Casino takes the center spot as the ultimate adult entertainment. Roulette, Black Jack and, of course, the slots, are the clear favorites.

The resort has two swimming pools and nearby tennis. Children are also well-catered for. The popular Children’s Playground is their domain with waterslides and board games being the big attractions.

Caribbean Bay is easily accessible by road, some three and a half hours’ drive from Harare, or by air with the airport only 13kms from the resort.